The Chart of Emotions©


Check your Emotions any time on the Chart© BELOW.

If you are FEELING the White or Violet Emotions on the Chart©, your Vibe is PERFECT where it is!

But if your Emotions fall BELOW the Violet Emotions, you have some Processing© to do to RAISE & ALIGN YOUR VIBE!!

The 5 Easy Steps to do this are listed under the Chart©


The Chart of Emotions©.


Finding Freedom / Experiencing Joy / Embracing Love / Creating Empowerment

Balanced / Growth / Gratitude / Happy / Motivated / Clarity / Openness / Trusting / Choice / Hopeful / Calm / Relaxed



Unheard / Discouraged / Worried / Doubtful / Overwhelmed / Bored



Disappointed / Frustrated / Irritated / Impatient / Angry / Hate / Revenge / Resentment



Cynical / Jealousy / Loneliness / Pessimism / Bitterness / Judgement



Regret / Insecurity / Guilt / Unworthy / Shame / Blame



Sadness / Grief / Depressed / Burdened / Fear



No Choice / Despair / Powerless / Shock

The 5 easy steps to Process©


Mindset Check-in

  • View the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions© to Check-in on your mindset.
  • You can do this daily, or when you notice you are feeling the energy of negative low vibration emotions or experiencing manifestation blocks.


Select which of The 6 Processes© matches your vibe

  • If you choose a White or Violet emotion in Step 1, then your vibe is perfect where it is! If you chose an emotion below Violet on the Chart© this means it is time to raise your emotional energy vibration to improve Law of Attraction flow.
  • If you choose more than one emotion from two or more coloured Processes©, then listen to the lowest coloured Process© on the Chart©.


Listen to your chosen Process© Colour

  • Follow the guided methods while listening to your chosen Process© as you rewire your emotions into higher vibration energy charges
  • The emotionally charged stories you tell others (and yourself) when complaining about your life is what you think about when moving your eyes during one of our Processes©


Recheck your Mindset

  • After listening, view the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions© to check the improved shift in your mindset as you leap into the Violet or White sections of the chart.
  • From the expansive vibrations of the Violet and White emotions, you are in the Vortex of Source Energy alignment. From this position, your only role is to ‘Let go’, Trust the Process©, and let the Universe do its job!


Rinse and Repeat as Desired

  • Rinse and Repeat Steps 1 – 4 whenever you notice your vibe slip back down the chart again, and you desire to shift back up into high vibrational emotional energy

Deepen Your Processing©


Manifest your Goals with Processes© and MONTHLY LIVE ONLINE COACHING with Amanda Lynne and Amber McCue

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