The 6 Processes© Bundle

The 6 Processes Bundle© is where you commence your ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’  journey by using the Bundle as your Complete Manifestation Toolkit. 

The Bundle has 35 different emotions to choose from, which are associated with The 6 Process© colours (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, & Indigo). The Process© colours are perfect for selecting and then transmuting all sorts of emotions and the unhelpful mindset stories you have chosen to believe. After all, this mindset debris is causing ALL your manifestation blocks! The 6 Process© can also be used on a day-to-day basis when your mindset stress is causing emotional meh alongside Law of Attraction bleh! Scroll down to view all the Process© colours and their matching emotions.

The accompanying Chart of Emotions© allows you to regularly check your mindset and Process© any unhelpful emotions that arise so you can shift into higher vibrations within 17-22 minutes. 

YES, Processing© is that quick! 

After listening to a single Process©, you immediately start experiencing and feeling the high vibration emotions listed in the Violet and White bands on the Chart©. The expansive feelings in the Violet and White bands are when you are aligned with the realms of Law of Attraction and manifestation possibilities!

How do they work? Head to and scroll down and watch the 10-minute video to find out!

But if you prefer to use those 10 minutes to get more than halfway through your first Process©, rather than letting your vibe be delayed, then BUY The 6 Processes Bundle© for $30.00AUD and LOGIN to listen.

Processes© colours can also be Purchased Individually for $5.99AUD (See MENU BELOW)

…. This means you don’t have to worry if your financial vibe is still not aligned and cashed up for the $30.00AUD Bundle! We’ve covered your vibe with Individual Processes© for $5.99AUD! This affordable price is aligned with the Chai Latte you had this morning (or a 6-pack of noodles for our Uni students!). 

Hey, one more thing, if ‘not being cashed up’ is your financial mindset story, then grab our FREE Process Financial Blocks© Kinesiology Meditation!!

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