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Process Orange©

The Manifestation Tool to rewire and release your low vibe emotional energies of Sadness, Grief, Depressed, Burdened & Fear so you can align your vibe with the money vibe

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Did you know?

You are not aligned with the Money Vibe if you ...

→ Struggle with feeling Grief, Fear or Burdened about rising debts, financial setbacks, significant loss of income, financial insecurity, or an inability to meet the basic needs.

→ Have experienced financial losses through divorce, investments or financial ventures and cannot move beyond feeling Fear, Sadness, or Burdened about your financial future.

→ Have discovered your partner has been hiding financial issues or making poor financial decisions, leading you to can feel of Sadness, Grief, Betrayal, and Burdened.

→ Feel Grief, Depressed, a loss of autonomy and independence, and like you are a Burden on others, due to being dependent on others for financial support.

Fear not having enough savings for retirement, leaving you feeling Sad, Burdened and uncertain about your future financial security in your later years.

If you can relate ...

Process Orange© calms the limbic system to reduce emotional reactions so you can create Law of Attraction flow and align with the money vibe

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This 16-minute Kinesiology-Meditation embedded with energy frequencies, gentle eye movements, and auditory processing for rewiring and releasing low vibe emotional energies of Sadness, Grief, Depressed, Burdened & Fear when it comes to you and your money!

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Get Aligned with the Money Vibe!

Process Orange© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle©

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