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The Manifestation Tool to rewire and release your low vibe emotional energies of Cynical, Jealousy, Loneliness, Pessimism, Bitterness & Judgement so you can align your vibe with the money vibe

Did you know?

You are not aligned with the Money Vibe if you ...

→ Often compare your own financial situation to that of others, leaving you feeling Jealous, Bitter, or Judgmental

→ Feel Pessimistic, Cynical, or Self-Judgement about financial goals or expectations that are not being met by either yourself or others

→ Are trying to recover from financial betrayal or failed financial relationships but are still stuck in feelings of Cynicism, Bitterness, and feel a mistrust of others.

→ Feel Pessimistic, Bitterness, or Cynical about career stagnation or unfair treatment in financial matters, such as receiving unequal pay or facing financial discrimination.

→ Have had unexpected financial burdens or human dramas which have disrupted your financial plans and left you feeling Cynical, Pessimistic or Bitter.

If you can relate ...

Process Green© calms the limbic system to reduce emotional reactions so you can create Law of Attraction flow and align with the money vibe

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This 18-minute Kinesiology-Meditation embedded with energy frequencies, gentle eye movements, and auditory processing for rewiring and releasing low vibe emotional energies of Cynical, Jealousy, Loneliness, Pessimism, Bitterness & Judgement when it comes to you and your money!

$5.99AUD/ $3.99USD*

(No annual or subscription fees)

Listen anytime you need a ‘vibe boost’ by logging into your account on our website.

By CLICKING the Process Green© button you also get the Free Process Financial Blocks©

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Get Aligned with the Money Vibe!

Process Green© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle©

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$30.00AUD/ $21.00USD for BUNDLE

(No annual or subscription fees)

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😖 Are you over feeling frustrated that none of your manifestation efforts are working?

🥺 Do the same problems keep repeating themselves year in, year out, with no end in sight?

😨 Are you enduring and attracting financial struggles and fearing the future?

😒 Do unhelpful emotional fluctuations block your success?

🥱 Are you tired of negative thoughts and beliefs that leave you feeling drained, and sabotaging your goals?

☹️ Do painful stories from childhood and difficult adult experiences hold you back from manifesting your best life? 

😲 Are you in the middle of dramatic battles, traumas and chaotic relationships which are impacting on your being?

😞 Are you deeply entrenched in a life mess and cannot fathom how to get out of it

😨 Does everyone else seem to manifest their desires, but nothing seems to work for you?

📕 Is life not improving much, regardless of how many self-help books you have read or Law of Attraction audios you have heard?


Are you tired of ALL these blocks and READY to Manifest a positive new phase in your life?


If you answered ‘Yes” to any of the above questions … then Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes© is the perfect solution for you!

The #1 reason you CANNOT MANIFEST is unhelpful emotions, thoughts & beliefs from difficult life experiences have become embedded in your mindset.

These have developed into ‘habitual mindset tapes’ that TRIGGER negative emotions about difficult past experiences and attract more human dramas, and traumas into your life …

YOUR feelings about these things are reinforced EVERYTIME you roll your eyes at another displeasing event. 

These unhelpful mindset tapes clutter your brain’s pathways with low-vibration emotions and create sabotaging ‘mindset grooves’ that stop you LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE! 

Literally, these form the unconscious sabotage programs that have been creating a Law of Retraction for you!

Processes© are here to support you in dissolving your manifestation blocks. 

Not classical meditations, not tapping ~ Eye-motional Processes™ are Holistic Kinesiology-Meditations for the mindset that combine eye movements, auditory processing, and energy frequencies to REWIRE UNHELPFUL THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS into sustainable new ways of thinking and being!

When these things change in you, your whole life transforms!

That, my friend is what makes Processes© DIFFERENT from other Law of Attraction methods!

Manifesting has never been easier!

The 6 Processes BUNDLE© is the Complete ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’ Toolkit.

After purchasing the The Bundle© you will receive a Thankyou Page with a short video showing you how to Process©.

The Bundle© is accompanied by The Chart of Emotions© to help you check in on your emotions, then select a matching Process© to unlock your Manifestation flow.

After listening to your chosen Process©, you check back in on the Chart© and will immediately notice an improved mindset shift up the Chart© towards the better feeling Violet & White emotions.

These ‘better-feeling emotions’ put you straight into alignment with the Law of Attraction flow!

From this high vibrational energy field, all you have to do is TRUST the Process© and get on with your day, and as you do, you will see many demonstrations of manifestation flow beginning to appear.

Raise your vibe within 17-22 minutes with Processes©

Each Process© is between 17 to 22 minutes long, depending on which Process© you choose. 

… you can do a Process© ALMOST ANYWHERE …

While your coffee is brewing

On the public transport heading to work

On your lunch break

As a part of your wake-up routine

When you’re sitting in nature, …

… wherever you are … simply put, Processes© are fast, easy, convenient, and accessible! 

Once you rewire your low-vibration emotions by listening to a Processes©, you may shift into higher places of vibrational expansion

… That is when manifestation flow starts arriving in your life with power and speed!

… And because “Thought Equals Form,” it won’t take long for improvements to then manifest into your reality – especially when you keep your emotional vibe high through regular Chart© ‘check-ins’ followed by listening Processes©

Dissolving Manifestation Blocks is EASY when you Manifest with Brain Rewiring Processes©.

… We’ve created the ULTIMATE Law of Attraction tool … Now it is up to you to get the Bundle© and use it to start seeing the expansive change you are seeking.

The 6 Processes BUNDLE© includes:

Six different mindset rewiring Processes© called:

Process Red©

Process Orange©

Process Yellow©

Process Green©

Process Blue©

Process Indigo©

The Chart of Emotions© which has 35 different emotions for you to be able to Process© just about any low-vibe feelings that are standing between you and your manifestation gold!

A short instruction video by me, the Founder and Internationally Accredited Kinesiologist, Amanda Lynne.

The ‘Post Process© Experiences’ brochure

alt text

The BUNDLE© does not include:

✓ Tapping points

✓ Affirmations

✓ A transformational guru

✓ Mindfulness meditations

✓ Talk therapy

alt text

The BUNDLE© does not include these things because chances are …

🤦‍♀️ You’re tired of conventional and talk-based therapies

😔 You hate mindfulness or meditating because your mind just won’t shut up!

🤷‍♀️ Vision Boards have been as unachievable for you as getting an apology from a psychopath!!

😕 Tapping has done nothing for you but leave your acupoints bruised

🤦‍♂️ Your affirmations have become robotic and useless!

The BUNDLE is different from what you have ever tried before …

Once you try your first ever Process©, you will instantly ‘see’ why thousands love them Internationally.

The best thing is The 6 Processes© BUNDLE is a ‘one time’ purchase with lifetime access and no ongoing subscription and  no annual fees.

When you click the button on this page to confirm your order, you can start your Processes© immediately by logging into the Eye-motional Processes™ Meditations Website with your username and password.

After logging in, you will be able to access:

The 6 Processes© audios

Chart of Emotions©

The ‘Post Processes© Experiences’ brochure,

The ‘How to Process© instructional video.

With all these tools in your possession, you can begin your ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’ journey. 

Yes, all The 6 Processes BUNDLE© and our other Processes© are self-guided tools.

However, if you seek to do a deeper clearing of your blocks, you can:

Join a pre-recorded self-guided class

Join our private Facebook Group

Visit our YouTube Channel

Join Stay Goaldoneto gain LIVE MONTHLY GUIDANCE from Amanda Lynne

Book an online or face-to-face consult with one of our trained Eye-motional Processes™ Practitioners. 

…. There are many ways to gain guidance as you take the Manifest with Brain Rewiring journey!

The 6 Processes BUNDLE© are profound self-guided Holistic Kinesiology-Meditations that combine:

Gentle eye movements

Auditory processing


Energy frequencies in each Process©

You may have heard of ‘Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)’ which was created in 1985, BUT did you know Kinesiologists have used eye movements since 1982 to help clients rewire their mindset from the impact of difficult life experiences.

Processes© get compared to EMDR quite a bit, but Kinesiologists are so very different in how they apply eye movements and auditory processing to release trauma, long-held stress and rewire the brain into new ways of thinking and being.

Eye-motional Processes™ were created by a Holistic Kinesiologist with these therapeutic benefits in mind.

The 7-minute video on our YouTube Channel called ‘Eye Movements and Kinesiology’ explains how Kinesiologists use eye movements to release negative emotions and why these are also the methods used in The 6 Processes BUNDLE© 

alt text

Nope, they used to be, but it had me up too often at night doing Process Blue© to clear the low-vibration emotions of frustration, irritation, and impatience due to all the tech issues the App had!

… I had to do my own Processes© to clear the stress the App was creating me so I could damn well sleep at night!!

Once my vibe was raised about the App, I then shifted my Processes© to an exclusive meditations website.

You will now find us on two different websites: is the Classes and Courses website is the exclusive website for listening to your Processes©

To make your Processes© as accessible as an App, simply ‘add’ our website link to your homescreen on your mobile device. 

I’m Amanda Lynne, an Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist, Educator, and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™

alt text

I specialize in Brain Rewiring to Manifest an improved life – no matter how challenging your life has been!

I’m also a trauma and human drama survivor.

Nine years ago, before I created Processes© to manifest an improved life, my mindset was stuck in old stories about painful past experiences.

I was also deeply engaged in low vibrational emotions about those stories…

… the EXACT emotions that are now on the Chart of Emotions©

Some of these emotions being:




I was so out of alignment with the Law of Attraction that I could only manifest MORE drama and chaos! 

… I was getting nowhere and nothing was improving my life!

I definitely wanted more for my life, but I was still trying to figure out how! 

… I know you feel the same, or you wouldn’t still be reading this!

I totally ‘get you’ when you say manifesting just hasn’t worked for you.

alt text

You know exactly how you want your life to be.

Your manifestations goals are all set – but there is still one BIG PROBLEM – There has been nothing but block after block!!

You’ve read nearly every Law of Attraction book available and spent countless hours:

Saying Affirmations

Creating and Revamping my Vision Board

Tapping away …

…. BUT it has gotten you nowhere. 

Generally speaking, your Law of Attraction is actually a Law of Retraction, and you have almost given the game away! 

Why not, right?

After all, your life has not improved much since you started using the Law of Attraction – You are still stuck in the same old mess with:

Your Finances





… the struggle is real!!

You know something MUST CHANGE, but even that thought is exhausting, so you have resigned to believe the Law of Attraction doesn’t work – for you at least, so instead, you will “just stick it out while pleading for a miracle”!

Let me tell you, I know exactly how you feel because I have been there myself.

I also know Processes© rewired my mindset about my life’s struggles and have helped me to manifest an improved life similar to what you are seeking

… a life of Freedom, Joy, Love, and Empowerment.

Processes© have been trialed on over 100 case studies with Practitioner Courses approved by the Australian Kinesiology Association.

Since their launch into humanity in 2021, Processes© have made their way into thousands of individuals’ lives Internationally. 

I would love you to discover Processes© by bringing them into your life so you can begin the transformational journey that is made possible with Processes©. 

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