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Process Green©

The Manifestation Tool to rewire and release your low vibe emotional energies of Cynical, Jealousy, Loneliness, Pessimism, Bitterness & Judgement so you can align your vibe with the money vibe

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Did you know?

You are not aligned with the Money Vibe if you ...

→ Often compare your own financial situation to that of others, leaving you feeling Jealous, Bitter, or Judgmental

→ Feel Pessimistic, Cynical, or Self-Judgement about financial goals or expectations that are not being met by either yourself or others

→ Are trying to recover from financial betrayal or failed financial relationships but are still stuck in feelings of Cynicism, Bitterness, and feel a mistrust of others.

→ Feel Pessimistic, Bitterness, or Cynical about career stagnation or unfair treatment in financial matters, such as receiving unequal pay or facing financial discrimination.

→ Have had unexpected financial burdens or human dramas which have disrupted your financial plans and left you feeling Cynical, Pessimistic or Bitter.

If you can relate ...

Process Green© calms the limbic system to reduce emotional reactions so you can create Law of Attraction flow and align with the money vibe

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This 18-minute Kinesiology-Meditation embedded with energy frequencies, gentle eye movements, and auditory processing for rewiring and releasing low vibe emotional energies of Cynical, Jealousy, Loneliness, Pessimism, Bitterness & Judgement when it comes to you and your money!

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Get Aligned with the Money Vibe!

Process Green© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle©

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