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The 5 easy steps & mindset check-in method

We ALL have Bad Days right, where Manifestation Flow is just Meh!!

IN FACT, the average human experiences as many as 27 emotions a day, the Quality of these Emotions either create a Manifestation Block OR Manifestation Flow! (and sometimes a little of everything in between!)

Eye-motional Processes™ covers 35 different emotions in the Process© BUNDLE that are Common Low-Vibrational Emotions we ALL feel from time to time – the Bundle© ensures you have Your Vibe Fully Covered!

To Radically Raise Your Vibe & Gain Law of Attraction Flow, do these 5 EASY STEPS:

STEP ONEDo a mindset Check-in

When you notice your vibe has shifted into a low mood about past, current, or future events or experience, view the Eye-motional Processes™ Chart of Emotions© to Check-in on your mindset.

alt text

STEP TWOSelect which of The 6 Processes© matches your vibe

If you choose a White or Violet emotion, then your vibe is perfect where it is … do nothing and enjoy your aligned day!

If you chose an emotion below Violet, then it is time to raise your emotional vibration to improve your Law of Attraction flow.

If you choose emotions from two or more coloured Processes©, then listen to the lowest coloured Process© on the Chart©.

STEP THREE – Listen to your chosen Process© Colour

Now LOG IN at the BUTTON BELOW to listen to your chosen Process©.

When listening, follow the guided methods at your own comfortable pace.

The emotionally charged stories you tell others (and yourself) when frustrated about your life’s progress, is what you think about when listening to one of our Processes©

STEP FOUR – Recheck your Mindset

After listening, recheck your mindset by viewing the Chart of Emotions© to check the improved shift in your mindset as you leap into the Violet or White emotions of the Chart©.

From the expansive vibrations of the Violet and White emotions, you are in the Vortex of Source Energy alignment. 

From this position, your only role is to ‘Let go, Trust the Process©, and let the Universe do its job’!

STEP FIVERinse and Repeat as Desired

Rinse and Repeat Steps 1 – 4 whenever you notice your vibe slip back down the chart again, and you desire to shift back up into high vibrational emotional energy

$30.00AUD/ $21.00USD for BUNDLE

$5.99AUD/ $3.94USD Each

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Got Questions?

You may have questions about Processes© and what to expect after Processing©.

If you do, this hand PRINTABLE BROCHURE may assist: EMP – Post Processes Experiences

If you scrol down to the bottom of this page your will also find a helpful FAQ section.

If you still have questions about your Processing© experiences, please email:

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Did you get your FREE Process©?

Financial Fear is what 85% of humanity concern themselves with!! You may ask whether that means 85% of us are ‘broke’, and I would say NO!, but it certainly means 85% of humanity’s mindset perspectives on finances are – including yours!!

That’s why I created this FREE Process© to clear your mindset where financial stress, worries, and burdens have become entrenched as debris. 

Process Financial Blocks© enables clarity on your financial situation and releases dense energy blocks from past financial struggles, whereby flow remarkably arises (even in the little things) each time you listen!!

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Want Process© Guidance?

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Our self-guided PRE RECORDED CLASSES allow you to get selective about what it is you need to Process© on your Manifest with Brain Rewiring Journey!!

Take a self guided pre-recorded class, including our Revision your Vision Board with Brain Rewiring CLASS!!

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I look forward to seeing you join our vast community of International Processors© who are raising their vibe FAST & EASY through our Manifest with Brain Rewiring Journey!

Stay awesome,

Amanda Lynne

B.Ed.; Internationally Accredited Holistic Kinesiologist; and Founder of Eye-motional Processes™

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$30.00AUD/ $21.00USD for BUNDLE

$5.99AUD/ $3.94USD Each

(No annual or subscription fees)

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