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What is Blocking You?

Emotional tendencies and beliefs based on childhood core conditioning and painful past stories, create your life experiences and impact your fate.

By holding onto this emotional debris, you miss out on your inner gifts and greatness ~ AND so does the World!

Simply put, these human dramas and traumas clutter your mindset and block your manifestation success!

How can Processes©  help?

Processes© are Kinesiology-Meditations that combine eye movements, auditory processing & energy frequencies to rewire unhelpful thoughts & beliefs into sustainable and transformational ways of thinking & being!

Our gentle Brain Rewiring Processes© clear emotional obstacles from neural pathways to unlock your innate potential & create Law of Attraction flow with ease!

How to start Processing©

Processing© begins with The 6 Processes BUNDLE©

The BUNDLE© is the Complete Manifest with Brain Rewiring Toolkit …. and this is why:

  • The average human experiences up to 27 different emotions a day and it is the negative emotions that block your manifestation flow!!
  • Because the Bundle© has 35 different emotions to choose from within The 6 Process© colours, it perfect  for releasing any low vibration emotion into a higher vibe.
  • The Bundle© is accompanied by The Chart of Emotions© to help you check in on your emotions, then select a matching Process© to unlock your Manifestation flow.  Take a look or even do a mindset check-in now …..
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  • After listening to your chosen Process© you check back in on the Chart© and will immediately notice an improved mindset shift up the Chart© towards the better feeling Violet & White emotions. 
  • These ‘better feeling emotions’ put you straight into alignment with Law of Attraction flow!

Process©  Mindset Stories

Beyond The 6 Processes Bundle©, is the Process© your Mindset Stories Collection, which:

  • Are for periods in life when specific onerous stories spin in your head, creating manifestation stagnation.
  • Has the FREE Process Financial Blocks© within the collection … scroll down to get your finances flowing!


To Begin:

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High Vibes to you!

~ Amanda Lynne


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