The 6 Processes Bundle©



The 6 Processes BUNDLE© is perfect if you feel your Law of Attraction is actually a Law of Retraction and wonder why you keep getting manifestation blocks!

Did you know ALL your manifestation blocks are coming straight out of your mindset? This is because of the unhelpful conscious, subconscious, and unconscious thoughts, emotions, and beliefs you have embedded in your brain’s neural pathways!

These unhelpful beliefs and emotions create vibrations of resistance to the very things you desire so strongly. These emotional tendencies and fluctuations embed in your brain because of childhood conditioning, traumas, human dramas, and painful stories from your history. Holding onto this unprocessed emotional debris creates more challenging life experiences and impacts your fate. When this emotional debris recycling happens, you miss out on your inner gifts and greatness ~ and so does the World!

But all this can change dynamically when you  ‘Manifest with Brain Rewiring’ by using Eye-motional Processes™, where your mindset struggle ends, and Law of Attraction flow begins. 

The 6 Processes BUNDLE© are where you commence your Eye-motional Processes™ rewiring Journey and start Living the Processed Life©. This means living a life conscious of your emotional vibe at any given time. When you notice your ‘vibration slips’ beneath the Violet colour on the  Chart of Emotions©, you then Process© your low vibe emotions to raise your vibe again!

Processing© rewires unhelpful emotional pathways and raises your vibe within 17-22 minutes. YES, Processing© raises your vibe that quick!

When you Process© unhelpful emotions and stories, your vibe raises, and new expansive ways of thinking align with where you want to be! After Processing© you enter the expansive vibrational realms of the Vortex from this high vibe energy space, where your manifestation blocks melt away, and actual Universal flow begins!

The 6 Processes BUNDLE© has all of The 6 Processes available and is a $30.00AUD one-off purchase with no ongoing subscription fees. Listen anytime you need a ‘vibe boost’ by logging into My Account


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