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Process Past Regrets© is the tool required to FINALLY untangle your mindset from the unhelpful thoughts and beliefs attached to your consciousness because of your ‘past regrets’ mindset tapes playing repeatedly! These tapes only limit your potential and stop you from living your life’s purpose! Releasing these ‘tapes’ enables your highest self to bring your whole light and gifts to the planet with freedom from your past regrets entanglements! 

Process Past Regrets© is part of the ‘Process Mindset Stories© Collection’; it is a ‘one-off’ $9.99AUD purchase with no ongoing subscription fees. Listen anytime you need a ‘vibe boost’ by logging into My Account


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For deep, sustainable change, join Amanda Lynne at the 8-week Live Online ‘Release Past Regrets’ Boutique Course to reveal and dissolve the subconscious and unconscious emotional energy patterns of your past regrets. When these energy patterns are transmuted, your vibration (and story) stops co-create in your energy field as patterns of future undesirable future life experiences.

At this Live Online Course, Amanda Lynne uses her gift of surrogate muscle testing and Vision Chairs to guide the transformation of your past regrets energy patterns. With these finally resolved, you may co-create the life you truly want to live!

Course commences 3oth May 2024. Don’t delay as there are ONLY 12 SPOTS in this life changing course LEARN MORE


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