Process Orange©



Process Orange© is the tool required to rewire and release your low vibe emotional energies of Sadness, Grief, Depressed, Burdened & Fear.

Profound or unexpected loss and loss of your desires and dreams lead to the neural clutter of Sadness, Grief, Depressed, Burdened, and Fear. These feelings may be linked to unrequited love, tolerating a narcissistic parent or partner, an unfortunate accident or disease, or the human experience where a loved one has passed. All of these unprocessed human traumas leave you feeling you have missed out on how life was supposed to be. Ideas of a new way of being may spring to mind. Still, they are quelled quickly by the overriding fears that send you back to your couch (or bed) with thoughts attached to your grief and sadness. These lower your vibration, depress your mindset and act to stop you from creating your ideas into a reality. You know you want to be free of these mindset burdens, but you just haven’t figured out how yet! Meet Process Orange©, who will soon replace those chips and chocolate bars as your soothing go-to!

Process Orange© is a $5.99AUD one-off purchase with no ongoing subscription fees. Listen anytime you need a ‘vibe boost’ by logging into My Account


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