Process Financial Blocks©



Process Financial Blocks© is the tool required to release dense long-held beliefs and emotional energy blocks where your finances are concerned. Listening to this Process© enables clarity on your financial situation, leading to remarkable Universal energy flow (even in the little things) each time you listen!!

Process Financial Blocks© is part of the ‘Process Mindset Stories© Collection’ .It is Amanda Lynne’s FREE GIFT to you, and there are also no ongoing subscription fees – there you are right there; your financial flow is beginning to arrive already!

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Pssst… Did you know Fears and Burdens around finances come from your brain’s limbic system reaction to recalling bad financial experiences from your childhood or past adulthood. These ‘memories’ then create the way you Worry about your future and not having enough! That’s why we recommend buying Process Indigo© (Worry) and Process Orange© (Fear and Burden) to assist you to clear the deeper emotional blocks you have about your finances! ($5.99 AUD a Process©). For more great Process© tips and prescriptions like this one, head to our list of options to Deepen your Processing©

Want to Discover what’s Blocking your Manifestation Success?

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Join Amanda Lynne at the FREE Monthly Live Online Vision Chair’  to reveal and dissolve the subconscious and unconscious emotional energy patterns which are limiting your financial flow! The monthly Vision Chair is an opportunity to reveal and release the blocks which lurk under the surface! With these finally resolved through gentle Brain Rewiring methods, you are free to step into abundant flow and co-create the life you truly want to live!


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