Process Blue©



Process Blue© is the tool required to rewire and release your low vibe emotional energies of Disappointed, Frustrated, Irritated, Impatient, Angry, Hate, Revenge & Resentment.

Those that need Process Blue© tend to swing between emotional fluctuations of irritation and impatience on a good day and anger and hate when it’s all just too hard!! Essentially it’s because your brain’s amygdala (limbic system) is overwrought with long-term culminated stress and deep resentment towards all those unmet needs (not to mention the fact you over give, fix, or try to rescue everyone and everything while not self-caring enough). Process Blue© rewires these tapes and calms your limbic system to create Law of Attraction flow that isn’t connected to the idling engine of your mindset frustrations!

Process Blue© is a $5.99AUD one-off purchase with no ongoing subscription fees. Listen anytime you need a ‘vibe boost’ by logging into My Account


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