This 17-minute Kinesiology-Meditation embedded with energy frequencies, gentle eye movements, and auditory processing for rewiring and releasing low vibe emotional energies of Regret, Insecurity, Guilt, Unworthy, Shame and Blame. Process Yellow© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle©

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Process Yellow© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle© – The Complete Manifestation Toolkit ($30.00AUD)

HOT TIP: Pssst …. If you endured schoolyard bullying or parents who were Critical and Judgmental of you, it creates a mindset that is trapped by emotions of Shame, Insecurity, and Unworthiness. The by-product of these feelings is a sense of Powerlessness to create your ‘dream life’ beyond these vibrational wounds. That’s why we recommend buying Process Yellow© and Process Red© (Powerlessness) together!

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