This 17-minute Kinesiology-Meditation embedded with energy frequencies, gentle eye movements, and auditory processing for rewiring and releasing low vibe emotional energies of Sadness, Grief, Depressed, Burdened and Fear. Process Orange© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle©

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Process Orange© is part of The 6 Processes Bundle© – The Complete Manifestation Tool Kit! ($30.00AUD)

HOT TIP: Pssst … Did you know when you feel the Process Orange© emotion of Fear, your brain’s limbic system focuses on the danger and stores it as a memory. This memory embeds in the things you worry about daily. The actual cause of your perceived worries is rooted in the past fearful experiences you have not Processed© properly yet! That’s why we recommend buying Process Orange© (fear) and Process Indigo© (worry) together!

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