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Process Financial Blocks©


Financial Fear is what 85% of humanity concern themselves with!! You may ask whether that means 85% of us are ‘broke’, and I would say NO!, but it certainly means 85% of humanity’s mindset perspectives on finances are – including yours!!

That’s why I created this FREE Process© to clear your mindset where financial stress, worries, and burdens have become entrenched as debris. Process Financial Blocks© enables clarity on your financial situation and releases dense energy blocks from past financial struggles, whereby flow remarkably arises (even in the little things) each time you listen!!

Process Financial Blocks© is part of the ‘Process© Mindset Stories Collection’. Get your FREE GIFT to get your finances flowing! LOGIN to listen.

HOT TIP: Pssst… Did you know Fears and Burdens around finances come from your brain’s limbic system reaction to recalling bad financial experiences from your childhood or past adulthood. These ‘memories’ then create the way you Worry about your future and not having enough! That’s why we recommend buying Process Indigo© (Worry) and Process Orange© (Fear and Burden) to assist you to clear the deeper emotional blocks you have about your finances! ($5.99 AUD a Process©).

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