My Space to Process©


Which of The 6 Processes© do you need to raise your vibe today?

To Process©: View this Chart of Emotions© to check your mindset and select which Processes© will raise your vibe today

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  1. If you choose a White or Violet emotion, then your vibe is perfect where it is … do nothing and enjoy your aligned day!
  2. If you chose an emotion below Violet, then it is time to raise your emotional vibration to improve your Law of Attraction flow.
  3. If you choose emotions from two or more coloured Processes©, then listen to the lowest coloured Process© on the Chart©.
  4. Now Scroll back up and click ‘Listen’ . When listening, follow the guided methods at your own comfortable pace. The emotionally charged stories you tell others (and yourself) when complaining about your life is what you think about when listening to one of our Processes©

After listening, ‘Recheck your Mindset’ by viewing the Chart of Emotions© to check the improved shift in your mindset as you leap into the Violet or White sections of the chart.

From the expansive vibrations of the Violet and White emotions, you are in the Vortex of Source Energy alignment. From this position, your only role is to ‘Let go’, Trust the Process©, and let the Universe do its job!