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Manifest with the Brain Rewiring Processes© here!

More than Tapping, more than Meditating .... Processes© are Brain Rewiring Kinesiology-Meditations that combine eye movements, auditory processing, and energy frequencies to rewire unhelpful thoughts and beliefs into sustainable new ways of thinking and being. When these things change in you, your whole life transforms!

Manifesting has never been easier!!


Welcome!  Emotional tendencies and beliefs based on childhood core conditioning and painful past stories in your history, create your life experiences and impact your fate. By holding onto this emotional debris, you miss out on your inner gifts and greatness ~ and so does the World!

Simply put, these human dramas and traumas clutter your mindset and block your manifestation success!

Processes© are gentle Brain Rewiring methods that clear these obstacles from your neural pathways to unlock your innate potential and create Law of Attraction flow!

The 6 Processes© and Chart of Emotions© is the COMPLETE MANIFEST WITH BRAIN REWIRING TOOLKIT to check and transmute low-vibe emotional energy from impacting your Vortex.

The Mindset-Stories Processes© are for periods in life when onerous stories spin in your head, creating manifestation stagnation.

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High Vibes to you! ~ Amanda Lynne

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How to Process©

Our Processes© clear the obstacles of your unhelpful thoughts and beliefs that limit your potential, stopping you from living your life’s purpose and blocking your LOA flow! This 10-minute video explains how to commence your journey with The 6 Processes© and accompanying Chart of Emotions©.

To Discover the power of Eye-movements when used in our Kinesiology-Meditation Processes©, watch this VIDEO

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